November 21, 2005

Bob Woodward


From FoxNews: Post: Woodward Committed 'Serious Sin'.

Bob Woodward, while a hero to many journalists for breaking the Watergate story, nevertheless committed a "deeply serious sin" by not telling his editor at The Washington Post that a top Bush administration official had told him the name of a CIA officer, the newspaper's ombudsman said.

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UPDATE -- Nov. 22: From CNN: Woodward: 'I was trying to avoid being subpoenaed'.

Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward said Monday he kept his conversation with a Bush administration official about the identity of a CIA operative secret for two years because "I was trying to avoid being subpoenaed."

Woodward said on CNN's "Larry King Live" he also didn't tell his boss, executive editor Leonard Downie Jr., about the source, a decision he called a mistake.

"And I should have -- as I have many, many times -- taken him into my confidence," he said. "And I did not."

Posted by Forkum at November 21, 2005 07:30 PM