December 04, 2005

Mullahs in Space


From FoxNews: Iran Wants Full-Fledged Space Program.

Iran's space agency is trying to snap up technology from abroad as fast as possible for its satellite program, fearing the West will seek to impose restrictions like those put on the Iranian nuclear program.

Iran has major ambitions in space, looking to show off its technological abilities, monitor its neighborhood where the United States has hundreds of thousands of troops and establish itself as a regional superpower.

Others are concerned about the program's military applications, particularly Israel, whose existence is opposed by the hard-line Islamic regime in Iran. Iran's Shahab-3 missile, with a range of 1,240 miles, already can reach Israel as well as U.S. forces across the Middle East.

Leave it to AP to come up with a diplomatic euphemism for genocide.

According to the article, Russia "appears to be the main partner in transferring space technology to Iran." And it's not just "space technology." From FoxNews: Russia, Iran Defend Weapons Deal.

Russia's weapons sales to Iran are purely for defensive purposes, a government spokesman said Saturday, in response to reports that Russia was selling $1 billion worth of weapons to Iran.

The news reports said Russian was selling Iran advanced missiles and other systems, but the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mikhail Kamynin, did not comment on specifics, saying in a statement only that they were "exclusively defensive weapons."

Since when was selling "defensive weapons" to a bloodthirsty regime any better than selling "offensive weapons"?

Posted by Forkum at December 4, 2005 10:06 AM