December 08, 2005

Failing Grade


From VOA: US Blasts Security Council for Failing to Condemn Terror Attack in Israel.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton issued a statement Tuesday unequivocally condemning the bomb attack in the Israeli town of Netanya that killed at least five people. The unusual action came after a U.S. attempt to have the statement issued by the Security Council was rejected.

Diplomats attending the meeting say several Council members raised concerns about language in the U.S.-drafted document. Ambassador Bolton, however, blamed Algeria for quashing the measure by objecting to a passage urging Syria to close offices of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which claims responsibility for the attack. ...

The U.S. envoy later read the text of the statement to reporters, and lashed out at the Council for what he called "failing to speak the truth".

He said "you have to speak up in response to these terrorist attacks. It's a great shame that the Security Council couldn't speak to this terrorist attack in Netanya, but if the Council won't speak, the United States will."

Algeria's U.N. Ambassador Abdallah Baali said he had objected to what he called a "lack of balance" in the U.S.-drafted statement.

What kind of "balance" can we expect of the U.N.? EYE on the UN reports that Israel wasn't even shown on a map displayed at a recent U.N.-sponsored "International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People."

Meanwhile, who does the U.N. Security Council continue to treat with kid gloves? Iran, whose president, "Wipe Israel off the map" Ahmadinejad, was in the news today for denying the Holocaust.

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