December 15, 2005

Sic Transit


From CNN: NYC gets ready to strike out.

If New York City bus and subway workers strike when their contract expires at 12:01 a.m. ET Friday, there will be "no winners," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said as he described the contingency plan to deal with a possible mass transit shutdown.

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UPDATE II: Well, we lost our competition with "Day by Day" in the Weblog Awards (see the final results here). Our congratulations to Chris -- we twirl our quills, tip our berets, and bow in his direction. We had a blast with the crossover cartoons and hope everyone enjoyed them as much as we did. A hearty "thank you" to everyone who took the time to vote for Cox & Forkum (you gave us enough votes that, had we been in the Best Blog category, we would have placed second).

UPDATE III -- December 16: From FoxNews: NYC Transit Union Calls Selective Strike.

The New York City transit union called for a strike Friday against two private bus lines after a night of intense bargaining failed to produce a deal a development that does not appear to immediately affect the subways that shuttle millions of people each day.

Posted by Forkum at December 15, 2005 08:08 PM