December 27, 2005



From FoxNews: Saddam-Era Mass Grave Found in Karbala.

Municipal employees working on a sewage project in the Shiite holy city of Karbala found skeletal remains believed to be from a mass grave dating to 1991.

Officials said the grave may contain over 100 victims, including women and children, of a brutal crackdown by Saddam Hussein's regime following a Shiite uprising in the south after Desert Storm.

From The Sun: Mind of a madman (via

[Saddam's] defence is now being masterminded by a team of lawyers aiding former US attorney Mr [Ramsey] Clark. They include, Nacib Naimi, Issam Gazyzwi and Iraqi attorney Khalil al Dulaimi. ...

Bizarrely, his legal team address Saddam as "Mr President" -- despite the fact he tortured, gassed and butchered an estimated 300,000 of his own people during a 24-year reign of terror.

Saddam still remains defiant about his trial which could see him face the death sentence. He gloated: "I don’t mind being killed. There will always be another Saddam."

Mr Clark added: "Before Saddam’s capture he was moving every day to a different location, organising the insurgents.

"But every few days he came back to this escape area. Now he knows it was a mistake. Probably American soldiers did not discover the hole. They were told about it." ...

Mr Clark said: "Saddam doesn’t have any money and even if he had, I wouldn’t accept it."

And from Newsday: Saddam's Lawyers Say Ramsey Clark at Risk.

Saddam Hussein's lawyers called Thursday for the world to press the Iraqi government to provide them with protection, saying their colleague -- former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark -- was directly at risk.

In an urgent e-mail to The Associated Press, the lawyers said Clark's life was in danger and "threats were directed against him by name." Clark is currently not in Iraq for the trial of Saddam and seven co-defendants, which resumed on Wednesday.

UPDATE I -- Dec. 28: Clark also won a Dhimmi at the 2005 Jihad Watch Awards, along with George Galloway.

UPDATE II: From Salon a few years back: Ramsey Clark, the war criminal's best friend (via Tim Sumner).

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