January 16, 2006

Angela Merkel


From VOA: German, Russian Leaders Discuss Iran, Trade, Other Issues.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday in Moscow, the latest stop on her tour of several world capitals.  The two pledged to work together on various issues, amid signs her relationship with the Russian leader will not be as close as the one that Mr. Putin had with her predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder.

Angela Merkel arrived in Moscow saying she wanted to preserve the "strategic partnership" that Germany has developed with Russia in recent years.

The two leaders spent several hours together in the Kremlin discussing a range of issues, most importantly how to deal with Iran's nuclear program.  U.S. and European officials say Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, which Tehran denies.

Western countries have moved a step closer to referring Iran to the United Nations Security Council after Tehran resumed work on its nuclear program last week.

Russia has opposed such a move, in part because it has long supplied Iran with nuclear technology that both countries say is only for peaceful purposes.

President Putin told Chancellor Merkel there is still time to reach a compromise with Iran.

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