January 23, 2006

John Kerry


From CNN: Kerry assails 'incompetent' White House.

Sen. John Kerry took up top GOP political strategist Karl Rove's call to make national security a central issue in the 2006 midterm elections, vowing Sunday, "I want to have that debate every single day."

The Massachusetts Democrat, who lost to Bush in the 2004 presidential election, argued Republicans are vulnerable to a Democratic resurgence in Congress, partly because Hurricane Katrina "stripped away the veneer of competence" of the Bush administration.

Kerry's comments to ABC's "This Week" came two days after Rove -- whom President Bush called the "architect" of his 2004 victory -- told a group of fellow Republicans that Democrats are "wrong" on national security.

For old-times sake, here are some 2004 election cartoons about Kerry and national security:
Global Test
Armed and Disingenuous
Detour of Duty

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Posted by Forkum at January 23, 2006 08:54 PM