March 01, 2006

The Weapon of the Weak


Above is the cover illustration we recently created for The Intellectual Activist magazine. Editor and publisher Robert Tracinski came up with the basic idea. The challenge was to depict a fear of physical harm from the TV's imagery, as opposed to merely a desire to avoid viewing it. In the cover story, Tracinski writes:

Terrorism is the weapon of those who are weak -- weak materially, weak in numbers, weak in ideological support. And precisely for that reason, terrorism is a weak weapon, an ineffective tactic that does not actually empower its perpetrators to achieve any substantial military objective.

If terrorism seems to achieve its objectives -- indeed, if it seems to threaten us with defeat -- it does not do so under its own power. Terrorism, with the images of carnage that it produces, is merely a front, an illusion that masks the power of a very different and more sinister force, which is the only adversary we have to fear in this war.

The powerlessness of terrorism -- and the real power that will determine American victory or defeat -- is the lesson to be learned from the past eighteen months of warfare in Iraq.

One recent pair of events provides a microcosm of the current state of the war, summing up everything that comes before it and setting the stage for what comes after it: the assault on the insurgent -- controlled town of Tal Afar by combined US and Iraqi government forces, conducted in a series of engagements from September 2 through September 6 of last year -- and the series of suicide bombings in Baghdad that followed on September 14 and 15. ...

Posted by Forkum at March 1, 2006 07:47 PM