April 18, 2006

Victim Hoods


After yesterday's terrorist attack in Israel, the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority expressed approval and declared that the continued slaughter of Israeli innocents was justified as a matter of "self-defense". Today, Hamas has gone even further, demanding an apology from PA President Abbas because he condemned the act as "despicable" (via LGF). Somehow I doubt even this will change the minds of those who think Hamas can be reformed.

More from FoxNews: Israelis Blame Hamas for Bombing.

Israel said Tuesday that it holds the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority responsible for the deadliest homocide bombing in nearly two years and debated whether to target it directly as an "enemy entity" -- even though the attack was carried out by a different militant group.

Monday's blast outside a packed Tel Aviv fast-food restaurant killed nine civilians and wounded dozens during the Jewish Passover holiday, and troop reinforcements were deployed across Israel for fear of more attacks. The 21-year-old bomber, a West Bank university dropout, was sent by the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad group.

Israel's U.N. ambassador, Dan Gillerman, warned that the Hamas government's verbal support for the bombing, as well as recent statements by Iran and Syria, "are clear declarations of war, and I urge each and every one of you to listen carefully and take them at face value." Gillerman said a new "axis of terror" -- Iran, Syria and the Hamas government -- was sowing the seeds of the first world war of the 21st century. ...

Hamas officials have defended the blast as a justified response to Israeli military strikes against the Palestinians. Hamas, which has carried out scores of homicide bombings in Israel since the early 1990s, has largely observed a truce since last year, but refuses to renounce violence and recognize Israel. Hamas officials also have said they would not try to stop or arrest members of other militant groups trying to carry out attacks. ...

The bomb, laced with nails and other projectiles, shattered car windshields, smashed windows of nearby buildings and blew away the restaurant's sign. Glass shards and blood splattered the ground. Police said the guard was torn in half by the blast.

Six Israelis and two Romanian workers were among those killed. One woman was killed while standing near her husband and children who were wounded, witnesses said.

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad militants handed out pastries on the streets in celebration.

Meanwhile, Qatar joins, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates in providing financial support to the Hamas terrorist government of the Palestinians. (via Michelle Malkin)

UPDATE -- April 19: Sharp-eyed reader James Richard Spriggs pointed out to us that the scorpion on the left has one too many legs. However, it just so happens to be a mutant scorpion. After all, any scorpion that big would have to be a mutant, right? Are you buying this? No? Okay, okay, it's a mistake. Thanks, James.

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