April 24, 2006

Hu Jintao


From CNN: China's Hu promotes Mideast peace.

Chinese President Hu Jintao told Saudi Arabia on Sunday that the world's most populous country was ready to help bring stability to the Middle East.

"The Middle East is a vital region in the world and there will be no achievements and development in the world without a stable Middle East," Hu said in the translated comments.

"China is ready to work with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to strengthen peace and development in the Middle East and to build a world of peace, stability and prosperity," he told Saudi Arabia's Shura council, an unelected legislature.

Hu is on a three-day visit to cement growing political and economic ties with Saudi Arabia, which was China's top oil supplier in 2005, providing 17.5 percent of its imports with 443,600 barrels per day (bpd).

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Posted by Forkum at April 24, 2006 07:53 PM