May 26, 2006


Swedish blogger Martin Lindeskog interviewed me this week for his podcast show Egoist which is produced and sponsored by Prodos in Australia. That's right -- an Australian recorded a Swede interviewing an American. I'm still amazed at what technology makes possible. In the interview we discuss the creative process, future plans and more. WARNING: The low point is my aborted attempt to sing Happy Birthday to Martin.

And earlier this year, I was interviewed by Ayumi Fukuda for Business Tn magazine online: A Thousand Words: Cox & Forkum let their cartoons do the blogging. (Requires free registration.)

The word "blogging" conjures up images of written commentary published on a Web page. Though it's true that commentary on most blogs deals in verbs and nouns, there is at least one blog for which illustration-more precisely, editorial cartoons -- is the principal medium for communication. John Cox and Allen Forkum are the men behind the blogging cartoon duo Cox & Forkum. Forkum writes the cartoons, and Cox illustrates them. Befitting the manner in which blogging communities themselves are unfettered by distance, Cox and Forkum communicate their ideas to each other via cyberspace.

Posted by Forkum at May 26, 2006 08:16 PM