September 10, 2006

Refresher Course


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The statistics from September 11 only hint at what was taken from so many on that horrible morning. Making the death toll less abstract is the Web site 2,996: Honouring the Victims of 9/11 which has organized bloggers to post a tribute to the life of each victim. On this the fifth anniversary, let us remember.

INSERTED UDPATE: In Memoriam: Jim White (A special thanks to Denise Lewis for her tribute.)

Once he took a friend to the top of the Empire State Building. As they looked out across the skyline, Jimmy pointed out the Twin Towers. He said, “One day, I’m going to work there.” There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he would.


In the book Never Forget, Steven Bienkowski gave his eye-witness account of the World Trade Center as viewed from a helicopter:

"It was pretty clear that people were trapped. There was nobody on the roof. About 80 percent of the roof was engulfed in black smoke. People were hanging out of the building, gasping for air. Some were jumping and others were accidentally being pushed by the people behind them who were just trying to get out of the smoke and get to the air. Everything I've seen in my seventeen years as a police officer became minuscule. The past became insignificant. It was just so much more horrible than anything your mind could have ever conjured up."


Photo Reuters/Jeff Christensen

Vanity Fair published a story about Mike Rambousek, a father who sees his son, Luke, in the above photograph: The Man In The Window by David Friend.

The photo was a revelation -- even to the photographer. "I didn't know I had that picture until I blew it up on my computer," says Jeff Christensen, a freelancer for Reuters, who took the shot with a 300-mm. lens from six blocks away. "It's only about one-tenth of the original [frame]. In the whole image you can see where the plane went into the building." Christensen, whose shot ran in various publications before being largely relegated to the Internet, estimates that it was taken at a horrendous juncture: 15 minutes after the south tower fell and 15 minutes before Luke's building would do the same.

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UPDATE -- Sept. 11: Joe Katzman at Winds of Change has a large compilation of 9/11 links: 9/11 Comprehensive Roundup 2006: Five Years In - And So It Begins...

UPDATE II: Here are a number of must-see 9/11 video links:

Charles Johnson posted a rare amateur video showing the World Trade Center burning and the fate of those inside, and he asks us to Bear Witness.

Hot Air compiled hightlights from CNN's coverage of that day and also posted an incredible amateur video shot close the WTC just after the first attack: Video: 9/11, as it happened.

YouTube has the audio (laid over an edited video) of a victim in the South Tower talking to emergency dispatchers: 9/11 Kevin Cosgrove. (via Michelle Malkin)

And from James Lileks: September 11, 2001.

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