October 18, 2006

Big Spenders


This cartoon is from September 22, 2005 and will be in our upcoming book, which I'm happy to report is being edited and nearing production.

Glenn Reynolds has some interesting comments about about why Republicans deserve to lose this election:

[T]he point of my "premortem" wasn't to call for the Republicans to lose. Rather, after pointing out that a lot of hardcore GOP supporters expect them to lose, I wanted to note that if they do lose, it will be because of a number of dumb moves and dropped balls -- "unforced errors," as I called them -- that indicate that they've been taking their supporters for granted, ignoring their professed principles, and relying far too heavily on the old "The Democrats are worse" argument to rally the base, an argument that's clearly wearing thin. (As this guy says: "I won't be 'glad' if Republicans lose. I just think if they lose, they brought it on themselves.")

One of those ignored "professed principles" is pictured above.

UPDATE I: Oct. 19: Thanks to Frank Tzanabetis, Rich Chandler and David Gerisch for pointing out my "loose" grammar.

UPDATE II: More on this topic at The Objective Standard: The Decline and Fall of American Conservatism by C. Bradley Thompson.

Two generations ago, conservatives denounced the growth of government and called for a revolution to roll back the Leviathan State created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. In 1994, conservatives, with their Republican Revolution, rode into power on just such a platform of limited government. Yet today, the conservative intellectual movement and the Bush administration are engaged in a very different kind of revolution—a revolution for big-government conservatism.

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