October 30, 2006

Black & White World III


"Many of us discovered Cox & Forkum in the days after September 11th. It was a strange time. After cartoonists had done their initial muted-in-sorrow Statue-of-Liberty-with-head-bowed-to-the-missing-towers tastefully tragic responses to the day itself, many seemed to have great difficulty finding a tone for the new era. And into the void stepped Cox & Forkum." -- MARK STEYN from the introduction

BLACK & WHITE WORLD III contains all our editorial cartoons from November 2004 to October 2006 are included, plus:

-- An introduction by Mark Steyn, author of the New York Times bestseller America Alone;
-- A Cox & Forkum interview with Cox & Forkum, for an inside look at how we create cartoons together;
-- Newsmaker and other caricatures by John;
-- Pages from John's sketchbook;
-- "Cartoon Jihad": A section devoted to our Mohammed-related cartoons, including a previously unpublished interview by Robert Tracinski (publisher of The Intellectual Activist), and his "Publish or Perish" editorial;
-- "The Ahmadinejad Code": A section devoted to our covert cartoon for Iran's Holocaust cartoon contest, including developmental sketches;
-- "Ground Zero": A section devoted to our cartoons about the battle for a proper 9/11 memorial at the World Trade Center site, including the editorial by Debra Burlingame that started it all;
-- Gag cartoons for the Buster McNutt humor column;
-- And more ... over 400 illustrations!


ONLY $20 plus shipping.

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UPDATE I: Like our last book, Black & White World III is available online through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com. But our new book will also be available at The Steyn Line store and American Compass Book Club.

UPDATE II: Above I stated that our first book was "out of print and unavailable." That was only partly correct. Black & White World is out of print, but a few copies are still available online from a couple of vendors who originally carried the book. If you're looking for a copy, try The Intellectual Activist and Quent Cordair. Amazon may have a few copies left, too. But none of these inventories of the first book will be replenished.

UPDATE III -- Nov. 7, 12:01AM: Our signed-book offer is officially over. Books should ship by mid-November. If we should offer them again, we'll post it here. But let me repeat: Signed books are no longer available. Of course, unsigned books are available, so feel free to please orders for those. Other sources will soon have the new book, too.

Our thanks to everyone who has placed an order. Book sales are one of the ways we make money creating our cartoons, so your support is appreciated.

Posted by Forkum at October 30, 2006 05:00 PM