December 11, 2006

Weblog Awards 2006


This cartoon is a response to this Day by Day cartoon.

We're honored to again be nominated for a Weblog Award. This year there's a category for Best Comic Strip, so if you want to vote for Cox & Forkum, just click here.

Like last year, we are being beaten by Chris Muir's Day by Day. Fortunately he is a friend as well as a nemesis. We had some fun with Chris' characters last time round (see here and here). This year we decided to employ some of his T&A tactics, but the results are mixed. In case it isn't obvious, we grafted the head of Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei onto the body of Day by Day's Jan. Kind of an Ayatollah Jan. Or a Bearded Lady. At a minimum, we have the transgender Islamist votes locked up.

UPDATE I -- Dec. 12: Chris upped the ante today in the T&A dept., and this evening our race is neck-and-neck ... for second place. The web comic Least I Could Do

UPDATE II -- Dec. 16: The Weblog Awards are over, and you can see the results here. Thanks to a surge in votes from you readers, we managed to edge past Day by Day to get second place! That's one each, against each other. If there's a next time, I think we'll be in trouble if Chris decides to campaign more. Congratulations to Least I Could Do for winning first place. And thanks again to everyone who took the time to vote. You really made a difference.

Posted by Forkum at December 11, 2006 04:00 PM