February 08, 2007

Who Goes There


From CNN: Gunfire erupts on Israel-Lebanon border.

Lebanese army troops fired Wednesday on Israeli troops hunting for explosives along the Israel-Lebanon border, Lebanese army and Israeli military sources said. ...

Lebanese army sources said their troops fired at an Israeli bulldozer that had crossed the Blue Line into Lebanese territory in Maroun a-Rus about 10:30 p.m. There was an exchange of fire, they said, but there were no casualties on the Lebanese side.

The situation on the border is "very tense," the Lebanese sources said.

So the Israelis are trying to protect themselves from Hezbollah only to be fired at by the Lebanese army. Meanwhile, another report indicates that there are border violations that the Lebanese army doesn't mind. From FOX News: Israeli Official: Foreign Sources Arming Hezbollah, Hamas at Alarming Rate.

Hezbollah is presently receiving a "constant stream of armaments" from Syria, Iran and other foreign sources, senior Israeli officials said Tuesday, and the terror group is "preparing for violence" in an increasingly radicalized Middle East.

"They are getting all kinds of rockets, advanced anti-tank missiles, command-and-control systems, training, finance," an Israeli official said. Asked if the group has fully reconstituted back to where it was before the war in terms of military capability, the official said: "They are certainly on their way." ...

Enabling Hezbollah's rearmament, the official said, is the "open border" Lebanon shares with Syria, and the lack of "real teeth for enforcement" in U.N. Security Council Resolution 1718, which established a ceasefire in the Israeli-Hezbollah war last August.

UPDATE -- Feb. 9: For the latest from inside Lebanon, read Michael J. Totten.

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