February 19, 2007

Al Franken


From The Daily Tribune: Franken to challenge Coleman.

Minnesota native Al Franken, known for hosting Air America Radio’s longtime flagship program, “The Al Franken Show,” kicked off his campaign for the U.S. Senate in northeastern Minnesota Friday.

Franken announced Wednesday that he will challenge U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman in the 2008 Senate race. ...

“I grew up in a hard-working middle-class family in Minnesota, and while I may have spent my career as a comedian, I’m serious about making government work better for families like the one I grew up in,” said Franken. ...

Franken, who has traveled to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait and met with troops that are serving our country, said “you can’t go there and not take this real serious.”

“You can’t go there without being in awe of and inspired by our troops,” he added. “It’s unbelievable how great our men and women are there and we have to honor them.”

Franken said one of his plans while in the Senate is to honor the veterans.

“One of the things I think we have to do in this election is hold accountable those Republicans, who are in the majority, who gave this president a blank check for the last four years and did not do their job,” he said.

He also pointed out it is important to create renewable energy sources, keep social security as a safety net and have universal health care for everyone, starting with children. He added that the Senate needs leadership.

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