March 01, 2007

C&F Store Update

Thanks to everyone purchasing items from the new Cox & Forkum CafePress Store. We can make a little money with the store, so your support is appreciated.

We've updated the store in a couple of ways, like adding a section featuring the Cox & Forkum Logo, and adding some shirts with the designs on the back and a logo on the front -- like this Victory Sign Jersey.

So far the most popular designs are the ones tweaking the left, like the Victory Sign. Another best-seller is below (click on image to see products):


I figured it was time to put the "peace symbol" in its true context. But what's really ironic is that the design looks perfect on "Military Green."

We'll be slowly adding more products, so check back often!

UPDATE I -- March 2: As per requests, I've added some bumper stickers:

Victory Sign Bumper Sticker
Stop Global Warming Sticker

UPDATE II: As per request, I've added women's V-neck shirts.

Posted by Forkum at March 1, 2007 05:16 PM