March 26, 2007

Fred Thompson


From The New York Sun: Thompson Takes Bites Out of Giuliani, Romney.

The latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Friday through Sunday, on the presidential race is out, and it's a humdinger. It's hard to say what the headline even is. Here are a few tries, though:

* Romney's support drops to within the margin of error of not existing (that's 3% support in a poll where the margin of error is 3%).

* Giuliani's support drops 13 percentage points since the last USA Today/ Gallup poll, March 2-4 (that's gotta hurt).

* Fred Thompson (not running, by the way) is now the No. 3 in the GOP field, at 12%.

From CBS News: Possible Fred Thompson Candidacy Animates Conservatives.

The possibility that former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee might run for president has animated many conservative leaders who are unhappy with the GOP choices that exist now.

They consider Thompson a strong conservative with stellar communications skills and an interesting resume that includes success and fame as a movie and TV actor. All this reminds many of Ronald Reagan, an icon of the right.

"Fred says he might run and he would be a real threat for the Republican nomination," says a prominent conservative who is neutral in the presidential race so far. The problem: Is Thompson willing to devote the time and energy needed for a run?

From WKRN Nashville: Video: Thompson Aid Speculates On Possilbe Presidential Run.

From Pajamas Media: Fred Thompson on the movie "300".

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