May 22, 2007

Slave to Fashion


From MEMRI (with photo): Police, Improperly Clad Women Clash In Tehran.

Male and female police officers clashed with women who were not dressed according to the Islamic dress code.

The clashes, which took place at Haft Tir Square in Tehran, came during the current Iranian security forces campaign to enforce the dress code.

One girl who refused to get into the police car was beaten by police, and removed from the area by civilians who were called to the scene.

Gateway Pundit has more: Iranian Official: Unveiled Women Are Animals.

News photos of Islamic dress code crackdown in Iran

From MEMRI: Video of Islamic dress code enforcement

From Iran Press News:
Photos of Iranians under attack by Islamic regime's guards for improper clothing
More photos of Islamic dress code enforcement
Video of woman being arrested as part of the dress code crack down
Video of another woman being kickd into a police car for wearing her hijad "incorrectly"
Video of Tehran university student protesting dress code and being accosted by a disciplinary guard

From Gulf News: Iran rejects US criticism of dress code.

Iran rejected on Sunday criticism by a US-based rights group over a crackdown on women flouting the strict Islamic dress code, saying the country's efforts were aimed at "fighting morally corrupt people." ...

In what has become a regular occurrence ahead of the warm summer months, police in April launched a campaign against the growing numbers of young women testing the limits of the law with shorter, brighter and skimpier clothing.

In the early days of the campaign, police said thousands of people had received warnings but it was not clear how many were detained. Human Rights Watch said "thousands" had been arrested.

Barbers have also been warned against offering "Western hair cuts" or plucking the eyebrows of their male customers, according to Iranian media.

From The Weekly Standard: The Subjection of Islamic Women, And the fecklessness of American feminism.

The subjection of women in Muslim societies--especially in Arab nations and in Iran--is today very much in the public eye. Accounts of lashings, stonings, and honor killings are regularly in the news, and searing memoirs by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Azar Nafisi have become major best-sellers. One might expect that by now American feminist groups would be organizing protests against such glaring injustices, joining forces with the valiant Muslim women who are working to change their societies. This is not happening. ...

One reason is that many feminists are tied up in knots by multiculturalism and find it very hard to pass judgment on non-Western cultures. They are far more comfortable finding fault with American society for minor inequities (the exclusion of women from the Augusta National Golf Club, the "underrepresentation" of women on faculties of engineering) than criticizing heinous practices beyond our shores. The occasional feminist scholar who takes the women's movement to task for neglecting the plight of foreigners is ignored or ruled out of order.

A tip of the hat to Archimedes2 for suggesting that we parody the TV show What Not To Wear for this topic.

UPDATE: More at History News Network: MSM Ignores Iran's Terrorizing Its People.

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