June 03, 2007

NEW BLOG: John Cox Art


Today we're happy to announce the launch of John's new blog: John Cox Art. This is one of the projects we worked on during our recent hiatus.

John is far more multi-faceted than is revealed in Cox & Forkum editorial cartoons, and the purpose of his new blog is to showcase tons of excellent art that is not getting exposure elsewhere, from paintings, to caricatures, to illustrations, to cartoons (go click through his archives to see what I mean).

The site is also a means of hiring John's talent. Over the years he has been commissioned by bloggers, publishers, and individuals for a number of projects. If you or someone you know is interested in such work, John's site provides a convenient means of contacting him and reviewing his work.

The site will also be a venue for John to discuss his work and interact with readers. We've kept the C&F site pretty focused on political/editorial work, and you'll continue to see John's editorial cartoons here on the C&F site. But for a plethora of other John Cox artwork and a chance to see his latest creations, the new blog is the place to go. You'll see sketchbook pages, ideas he's toying with, works in progress, and ongoing commentary.

So bookmark John Cox Art right now. John's blog promises to be active and entertaining.


Posted by Forkum at June 3, 2007 06:20 PM