June 15, 2006

Holy Smoke and Mirrors


In yesterday's TIA Daily, Robert Tracinski had a great round-up of links about Al Gore and the environmental crusade:

John Stossel -- the Objectivist-influenced pro-free-market author and television investigative reporter -- has just put out a bracing op-ed labeling environmentalists as "religious fanatics." Similarly Wesley Pruden eloquently described Al Gore as a "televangelist for the First Church of the Warming Globe."

Well, it looks like Gore is working on a new membership drive for that church, by way of training 1,000 apostles to preach his apocalyptic gospel. Meanwhile, more scientists are speaking up to express their doubts about the global warming catechism. From the former link:

Al Gore hopes to train 1,000 messengers he hopes will spread out across the country and present a slide show about global warming that captures the essence of his Hollywood documentary and book.

The former vice president, a Democrat, said on Monday that by the end of the summer he would start a bipartisan education campaign to train 1,000 people to give a version of his slide show on global warming featured in the film "An Inconvenient Truth" and book of the same name.

"This moment cannot be allowed to pass," Gore told reporters in New York.

"I have seen and heard times before when the awareness of the climate crisis has peaked and then a few months later it's gone. I think this time is different, but I have to say I'm not certain of that." ...

He says climate change is a crisis that has become a moral issue ...

Gore said all the profits from his film and the book will be donated to train the messengers. He said the carriers of the message will give the slide show at high schools and rotary clubs in the United States and around the world.

UPDATE I -- June 16: As alway, Junk Science has more information debunking environmental scare tactics, including one specifically about Gore's movie: The Real 'Inconvenient Truth'.

UPDATE II -- June 1: Dr. Sanity has more on shamen past and present.

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