August 20, 2007

C&F cartoon in CNN report

A Cox & Forkum editorial cartoon is slated to appear in the CNN investigative report God's Warriors on Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 9pm EST. The cartoon is Peace, Love & Genocide, which we reposted during the controversy surrounding Jimmy Carter's book, "Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid." I'm told our cartoon will appear in a segment about criticisms of Carter's book within the United States.

UPDATE I -- Aug. 21: Just finish watching the first show. We were told by CNN that the cartoon would appear in the context of criticism of President Carter's book, and that was certainly the case. But being CNN, we had to wonder, and as it turns out there was a little more to it: apparently John and I are part of a Jewish lobbying conspiracy and didn't even know it!

In the documentary, Carter complains that criticizing Israel triggers accusations of anti-Semitism from Americans who are all somehow connected to pro-Israel lobbyists. No evidence is offered for this connection; it's merely implied. Another speaker says such "smears" are designed to "silence and marginalize" critics of Israel. A series of video clips show Carter being accused of bigotry, the climax of which is our cartoon ... accompanied by a scary musical sting no less!

Of course, for those who know our work, the implication that some outside force prompted us to create a cartoon meant to smear Jimmy Carter is laughably absurd. If anything, we're the ones being smeared. The cartoon is not even about Carter's book, much less him being an anti-Semite. The cartoon -- which was first posted many months before Carter's book on the occasion of Hamas election victories -- is about Carter's disgusting defense the Hamas terrorist group, which to this day refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist and openly advocates the destruction of Israel. Since then, these Islamic theocrats have continued to prove their tyrannical aims by violently seizing Gaza, and yet Carter continues urging us to give Hamas a chance. President Carter doesn't need a Zionist conspiracy to smear him; he's doing a fine job himself.

That said, I'm still glad that our work -- and that work in particular -- got such widespread exposure. I think the cartoon stands on its own, even in a context biased against it.

UDPATE II -- Aug. 22: YouTube has the whole program in 10 parts. You can see the segment (Part 5) with our cartoon below less than two minutes in:


Posted by Forkum at August 20, 2007 01:28 PM