May 16, 2003

Truth in Advertising


Another cartoon from our book, Black & White World, that unfortunately is still relevant. The cartoon was made in response a Saudi P.R. campaign designed to distance the Arab state from the 9/11 terrorists, most of whom were Saudis. At the time (and to this day as far as we know), the Saudi government was giving money to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers. They also allow Islamism to flourish.

LGF noted this Jerusalem Post article about Monday's terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia: US envoy says Saudis ignored pleas for security. Here's a similar article in yesterday's New York Times.

LGF also noted this Yahoo News story: FBI Scales Back Saudi Investigative Team. Excerpt: "The size of the FBI contingent headed to Saudi Arabia to investigate the deadly bombings was scaled back amid concern about Saudi sensitivity to a large U.S. law enforcement presence."

We say it's long past time to stop being concerned about "Saudi sensitivity" when it comes to protecting American lives from the threat of Islamic militants.

Posted by Forkum at May 16, 2003 08:19 AM