May 19, 2003

Road Map Sign


Today, yet another Palestinian terrorist attack. Fox News reports: Wave of Violence Halts Mideast Peace Effort.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs had an excellent comment at the beginning of this weekend's murder spree: "I'm so full of rage right now I probably shouldn't be writing. But notice something: these latest Palestinian atrocities were directed at the same enemies they always seek to murder -- Jewish civilians trying to go about their business and contribute to a functioning society. If the murderers really thought that Abu Mazen and his puppet government meant to shut them down, they would be attacking him and his Fatah cronies. They know the 'roadmap' is a meaningless charade and it's business as usual with Abu Mazen in charge, and that's what they're doing -- their filthy Jew-killing business as usual. We're going to hear that this is a 'message' to Abu Mazen that the 'militants' refuse to deal, and want to sabotage the 'peace process,' and it's all a pack of stinking LIES. There is no peace process, there is no roadmap, there is only Arab rejectionism and blind murderous hatred, and it's time to deal with it on their level and give them the war they want."

Posted by Forkum at May 19, 2003 08:40 AM