December 08, 2003

Dudley Fed-Up


How close is the train? Lorenzo Vidino & Erick Stakelbeck give an indication in European Dishonor: Sharia on the Old Continent.

Young women killed for dating. Limbs amputated for petty theft. Makeshift courts deciding the fates of members of local Muslim communities. The Western world has grown accustomed to hearing about the brutalities of Islamic law. However, these primitive practices are no longer limited to the remote tribal areas of Pakistan, the backward kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or oppressive, mullah-dominated Iran. Today, thanks in large part to a massive flow of immigration from Muslim countries, sharia law and medieval customs are becoming increasingly common in the heart of Christian Europe. [...]

Politically correct European politicians, ever mindful not to offend their newly arrived Muslim brethren, have done little to aid in the assimilation process. As a result, immigrants who settle in Europe's Muslim communities are often greeted with the same sharia-inspired mayhem that they left behind in their countries of origin. From England to Holland to Greece, many European Muslims have managed to segregate themselves from society at large and maintain harsh traditions ill-suited to the West. As the number of unassimilated Muslims grows and Europe's elites continue to remain silent, the ultimate victim may turn out to be Western civilization itself.

For example, an article titled Terror 101 by Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball reports how German officals cave to Islamist demands.

Local German officials announced their intention to shut the [King Fahd Academy] school down after receiving intelligence reports that Muslim militants from throughout Germany -- some of them with suspected terrorist connections -- were flocking to the area to send their children to the academy. ... But after expressing its own alarm, the German government quickly changed its tune. German Interior Minister Otto Schily recently praised the King Fahd Academy as an “important cultural institution” and denounced the media campaign against the school as a threat to Saudi-German relations.

(Stories via Little Green Footballs)

This cartoon was posted earlier this year at The Intellectual Activist.

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