December 09, 2003

Bear Hunt


FoxNews reported yesterday: New Jersey Opens First Bear Hunt in 33 Years.

New Jersey opened its first bear hunt in 33 years Monday with hunters trekking into snow-filled woods before dawn as animal rights activists protested nearby.

Hunters' trucks and sport utility vehicles lined entrance roads to Wawayanda State Park, where hunters were allowed to go out a half-hour before sunrise, said Conservation officer Tom Keck.

A dozen protesters at the park carried signs reading, "No bear slaughter in my state" and "Act now, Governor. Protect citizens and wildlife."

The inclusion of "citizens" on the protest sign is typical leftist camouflage, for when it comes down to a choice between protecting citizens or wildlife, we know which one the animal rights activists will choose. They expect humans to make sacrifices for the sake of wildlife -- not the other way around -- from forcing taxpayers to fund costly wildlife protection measures to forcing citizens to live with the risk of attack. Ultimately it's not the humans they really care about. I suspect there weren't any "No human mauling in my state" protest signs.

Officials have said that bears are becoming more of a menace to people in the state. In Vernon this summer, officers shot one of the animals after it went through the screen door of a house. A woman inside had to barricade herself in the bedroom until police got there, officials said.

And this despite the efforts of Lynda Smith, director of the Bear Education and Resource Group, who has tried to teach residents how to live with bears. Can't we all just get along?

Bears aren't confused in this regard. A hungry bear has no ethical qualms about hunting and killing humans, even humans who've contributed to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

I found no indication that PeTA is involved in these bear hunt protests, though I'm sure they would side with the bears. This cartoon was created a few months back on general principle and was originally titled "PeTA Principle".

Posted by Forkum at December 9, 2003 07:43 AM