February 10, 2004

The Enemy of My Enemy


CNN reported yesterday: Gore: Bush 'betrayed us'.

"He took America on an ill-conceived foreign adventure, dangerous to our troops, that was preordained and planned before 9-11," Gore told Tennessee Democrats at a party event Sunday.

The former vice president said that he, like millions of others, had put partisanship aside after the September 11 terrorist attacks and wanted Bush to lead the nation. Instead, Gore shouted to the crowd, Bush "betrayed us."

InstaPundit has an audio link to the relevant part of the speech, including the "he played on our fears" line, which was excluded from the news stories that I saw. As Reynolds noted, the speech is more than a little reminiscent of Howard Dean's Iowa Shriek.

Posted by Forkum at February 10, 2004 07:46 AM