May 04, 2004

Kerry's U.N. Fetish


The Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby recently commented on Kerry's UN fetish.

No matter how the question is put, Kerry's answers on Iraq always boil down to a single recipe: Shrink the US role in Iraq and defer to the United Nations instead. That's it. That is the sum and substance of his thinking about Iraq. He doesn't relate it to the war on terrorism, to the future of liberty in the Middle East, to America's national interests. He repeatedly declares Bush a failure for not kowtowing to the UN and vows that in a Kerry administration, the UN will be given the commanding role it deserves.

Jacoby's title immediately reminded us of our cartoon about Howard Dean and Wesley Clark's U.N. fantasies. Since capitulating American interests to the U.N. has become a theme among Democratic presidential candidates, we thought it deserved revisiting with the latest front-runner.

Posted by Forkum at May 4, 2004 09:21 AM