May 05, 2004

Being Ted Rall


Editorial cartoonist Ted Rall recently made the news for penning yet another crass cartoon, this one denigrating Pat Tillman, the football star turned soldier recently killed in Afghanistan. Rall painted Tillman as a racist, bloodthirsty idiot who was just another cog in the "El Busho" war machine. decided to pull the cartoon because it "did not meet standards of fairness and taste."

Blogger Andrew Sullivan called for a protest campaign against Rall and yesterday offered this enlightening Rall quote:

"The word 'hero' has been bandied about a lot to refer to anyone killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. But anyone who voluntarily goes to Afghanistan or Iraq [as a soldier] is fighting for an evil cause under an evil commander in chief."

Later Sullivan highlighted another Rall quote:

"My theory is that essentially, people don't like to think they're living in a country that's led by an evil, dictatorial madman. But they are, they are living in Nazi Germany, in Stalinist Russia."

In Rall's morally inverted view of reality, President Bush is equal to Hitler and Stalin, so by extension American soldiers under his command are jackbooted mass murderers, not heroes. Is it any wonder that Rall would find pleasure in kicking the corpse of a fallen American soldier?

UPDATE: FrontPageMagazine's Ben Johnson has a good overview of Ted Rall's and other leftists' anti-Americanism: The Left Smears an American Hero. (Via LGFer Axiom)

Posted by Forkum at May 5, 2004 12:20 AM