December 20, 2006



Blogalicious, edited by Deborah Ulher, is a "cookbook of favorite recipes from the blogosphere," including submissions by Michelle Malkin, Charles Johnson, Robert Spencer, Glenn Reynolds, Eugene Volokh, Scrappleface, and many, many others (see the link for the full list of bloggers).

John and I submitted the above cartoon along with John's recipe for a Tonic Collins and a recipe from me for corn casserole. I haven't seen the completed book yet, but it looks like a fun collection -- as you might imagine, some bloggers took a humorous approach. We also designed and illustrated the cover, which you can see by clicking on the link above. Rich, bloggy goodness!

This cartoon and the cover illustration also appear in our new book, Black & White World III, which can be ordered online through Cox & Forkum, The Steyn Store, and Barnes &

UPDATE -- Dec. 21 Thanks to Andy Van Fossen, Dwayne Roberts, and Casey Smith for catching the typo.

Posted by Forkum at December 20, 2006 06:46 PM