January 24, 2007



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From CAMERA: A Comprehensive Collection of Jimmy Carter's Errors.

On Nov. 27, 2006, Jimmy Carter appeared on Larry King Live to discuss his book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid. During the interview, Carter repeated an assertion that he has made in various venues: "Everything in the book, I might say, is completely accurate."

In line with this defense, the former president repeatedly has argued that his critics, who supposedly have no grounds to criticize the factual accuracy of the book, have resorted to name-calling and ad hominem attacks.

He told Wolf Blitzer that "Most of the criticisms of the book have been the one word in the title, ‘apartheid,’ and the other one [sic] is personal attacks on me." ...

The truth is, much of the criticism of the book has pointed to the misrepresentations of fact in the book, and a number of specific errors have been cited.

CAMERA ran full page ads in the New York Times and New York Sun specifically itemizing factual errors and refuting them (and calling on Carter's publisher, Simon and Schuster, to correct the false claims). But because of space limitations and the sheer number of errors in Carter's book, those ads could only highlight and correct a fraction of Carter's falsehoods.

Here, we have compiled a more detailed and inclusive list of factual errors from Carter’s book (page numbers are in italics) and media appearances. The list will be updated as we come across any further errors of fact made by the former president.

From FOX News on Jan. 12: 14 Carter Center Advisers Resign Over Former President Jimmy Carter's Book

Fourteen members of a leadership group under former President Carter's think tank resigned Thursday over concerns that Carter's book on the Middle East does not represent "the Jimmy Carter we came to respect and support."

The members of the 200-member Board of Councilors, a leadership advisory group founded in 1987, join a longtime Carter aide, Jewish groups and lawmakers who have publicly criticized the former president's best-selling book "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid" for inaccuracies and distorting history.

UPDATE I: From Hot Air: Video: Jimmy Carter “apologizes” for being a Palestinian suicide bombing apologist.

UPDATE II -- Jan. 30: From Little Green Footballs: Islamic Jihad Pimps Carter's Book.

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