March 07, 2007

Blue Fitzmas


The cartoon was originally posted on October 30, 2005, and is one of over 400 illustrations you'll find in our latest book Black & White World III, which can be ordered via Cox & Forkum, The Steyn Store, and Barnes &

From FOX News: I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby Guilty on Four of Five Counts in CIA Leak Trial.

Former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was found guilty Tuesday of four of five counts of perjury, lying to the FBI and obstructing an investigation into the leak of a CIA operative's identity.

Libby was found not guilty on count three, which was the subject of late questioning Monday by the 11 jurors. The jury reached a verdict on the 10th day of deliberations and just hours after they had received an answer to a three-part question about count three, which alleges that Libby lied to the FBI about a conversation with Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper.
Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald said his team was "gratified" by the verdict.

"Obviously, we are gratified by the jury's verdict today. The jury worked very long and hard and deliberated at some length over the charges and returned a verdict on four of the counts. The jury was obviously convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had lied and obstructed justice on a serious matter," Fitzgerald said. ...

Defense attorney Ted Wells said he was very "disappointed" in the verdict and would try to get the verdict overturned.
"Despite our disappointment in the jurors' verdict, we believe in the American justice system and we believe in the jury system. We intend to file a motion for a new trial and, if that is denied, we will appeal the conviction, and we have every confidence that ultimately Mr. Libby will be vindicated," he said.

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