May 02, 2007

John's Sketchbook


In a first for the Web site, above is a page from John's sketchbook. It's one of eleven you'll find in our latest book Black & White World III, which can be ordered via Cox & Forkum, The Steyn Store, and Barnes &

In an interview in the book, John says:

My sketchbook is full of stuff that I make up, and thatís my vacation from the realism that we try to put into our cartoons. Iím just goofing around. ... I kind of use my sketchbook as a fuel source for the editorial cartoons. What Iím not able to play with in our more serious cartoons, I immediately go to the sketchbook and kind of do a little workout. In fact, Iíd be willing to bet Iím busiest in my sketchbook after one of our darker cartoons, when weíre trying to portray a certain amount of tragedy or some sort of travesty against people. Those drawings can get very dark. My sketchbook is a sort of therapy.

Posted by Forkum at May 2, 2007 03:00 PM