August 01, 2007

Reined In


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From VOA: Rights Group Says Yahoo May Have Lied to Congress.

 A human rights group says new evidence has emerged that, if genuine, suggests the internet company Yahoo lied to the U.S. Congress about its role in the conviction of Chinese political dissidents.  Yahoo says the suggestion is false.  Daniel Schearf reports from Beijing.

The allegation is based on information circulating on the Internet this week.  It appears to show that Chinese police clearly informed Yahoo they were investigating political dissidents when they asked the company to turn over private e-mails and account information.
The key items are notices from the Chinese police to Yahoo, translated by the Dui Hua group, a San Francisco-based group that promotes human rights in China.  According to Dui Hua's translations, the notices informed Yahoo that the police were investigating separate cases involving the "leaking of state secrets to foreigners" and "subversion."

Dui Hua says it believes the notices are genuine.

The Chinese authorities have often used the vague charge of "revealing state secrets" to silence dissidents.
Dui Hua says Yahoo subsequently handed over information the police used as evidence to convict dissident writers Wang Xiaoning in 2003, and Shi Tao in 2005.  Both were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Rebecca MacKinnon has more.

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